Technology Timeline

A History of Safety & Performance Innovations

More than 20 million invested in research and design since 2008

Since our beginning, HydroChem has been a leader in industrial cleaning, and continues to drive innovations in safety and performance. Our investment in our Corporate Technology Center in Ohio and Advanced Chem Lab in Houston, prove a commitment to the development of some of the most advanced solutions for the refining, petrochemical, power, and other industries.

Advanced Chem Lab Corporate Tech Center

Advanced Chem Lab
Deer Park, Texas

Corporate Technology Center,
Canal Fulton, Ohio











FLEXREEL: First flex lance containment system eliminates lance exposure.

PADBLASTER: Automated hydroblasting for padwork, small exchanger shells, tube cleaning and more.

ZEVAC: Zero emission VOC vacuum system was developed to answer new air quality regulations and significantly reduces or eliminates carbon use.

STARS: Developed for high effieciency, speed and safety on large bundle cleaning projects.

3D CLEANING HEADS: Specially designed cleaning tools for the removal of refractory in riser piping. 

SUPERPUMPER: Re-designed high volume super pumper units for chemical cleaning of supercritical boilers.

ROTOLAZER: The first 800 rpm pipe cleaning system for multiple turns in small diameter piping

Chemical Cleaning: Patented injection valves to deliver foam into critical spaces for removal of copper and other deposits from turbine blades without dismantling the turbines.

BLAZERVAC: The first negative air hydroblasting system for coating removal.

EZESOLV: One pass clearing solution developed for the heaviest oil contaminants.

40k PUMPS: Designed and built first double redundancy 40k pumps for relialble UHP service.

20k PUMPS: Designed and built first 20k pumps.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed industrial surfactants to break surface tensions.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed low temperature chelant solvent for iron oxide.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed hydrogen peroxide liquid passivating agent.

Chemical Cleaning: Chelant for low temperature iron scale removal.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed hydrogen sulfide scale remover.

Double Dump Hydroblasting Shotgun: 

ATL - AUTOMATIC TUBE LANCING: Developed rigid lance drive for bundle cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed solvent based foams.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed corrosion inhibitors for boiler cleaning.


AUTOBLASTER: A compact design that replaces manual shot gunning and can handle up to 300hp.

AXYS: Manual XY axis indexing system for faster, safer and more consistency.

DURAFLEXXX: Flexlance drive system that eliminates hand held flexlancing capable of driving from 1 to 3 lances of varying diameters.

HYDROLAZER: High volume / large diameter line cleaning tool developed to move heavy debris.

QUICK INDEXER: Another unique method of indexing on vertical exchangers

DEFLECTOR SHIELD: Anti-withdrawal devices for HydroLazer work on large diameter piping. 

EZERINZ: Specifically designed for superior clearing and rinsing of ethylene tars.

SILENTSTEAM: High velocity steam cleaning designed to reduce power requirements.

EZECLEAR: The most effective degassing solution on the market today.

WATERLAZER: Developed what is now the most recognized name in hydrocutting technology.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed method to remove copper from  persulfate.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed water based corrosion inhibitors for chelants and organic acids.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed non formaldehyde corrosion inhibitors.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed ferric iron control agent.

Chemical Cleaning: Developed organic anti-foaming agent.

GASTIGHT: Purchased Lansco systems tank cleaning operations.

Thermal Evaporator: Developed to remove chelant from boiler cleaning waste.

One step cleaning process for utility boilers.