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We put safety first.

At HydroChem we believe it’s best to do only one thing, and do it very well. We do industrial cleaning and we do it better than anyone. We provide the broadest line of industrial cleaning processes in the industry today. HydroChem excels in the ability to recognize opportunities to improve operator safety, cut process times, and improve productivity. This capability has led to the development of some of the industry’s most sought-after technologies. Now, with more than 75 years of industry-leading innovation under our belt, HydroChem has truly become a world class industrial cleaning supplier. While our safety records, mobility, resources, and accomplished personnel are certainly key factors in our success, it is our dedication to exceeding your expectations that continues to mark our course for the future.


We are the only industrial cleaning company with a full-time  Technology Center. We have engineering, specialty services, maintenance and training all under one roof. Our key strategy is gathering information from the field and turning ideas into solutions. We specialize in site-specific solutions with safety and productivity in the forefront. HydroChem excels at modifying current technology to develop new ways of solving old problems.

Customized Care

We bring the same level of customized care to the work site. Our technology implementation team was developed to insure proper use of our tooling and increase efficiency at each and every site. Housed in temporary or long term pods, our implementation team brings our tech shop to you. Our program ensures you receive the same level of value regardless of the hour or day of the week.  Each mobile shop is customized for your project and stocked with spare tooling, parts and accessories and is manned by an implementation technical specialist. 


HydroChem offers you the broadest line of industrial cleaning processes with the skill and experience it takes to deliver them efficiently and reliably. Our custom designed tooling, combined with the newest equipment fleets in the industry, enables HydroChem to deliver unmatched speed, effectiveness and reliability. The knowledge, technology, and experience we offer makes HydroChem the most recognized industrial cleaning service provider for companies around the world.

Safety & Quality Initiatives

While many companies boast quality safety initiatives, no other industrial cleaning company has won more AFPM safety awards than HydroChem. We work diligently to anticipate, encourage, and respond fully to OSHA and environmental regulations. We emphasize safety first in all our operations with daily training prior to every job.

Dedication to Innovation

Since our beginning, HydroChem has been a leader in industrial cleaning, and continues to drive innovation in safety and performance. The investments of our Advanced Technology Center (Ohio) and Chemical Lab (Houston), prove our commitment to developing the most innovative solutions to reduce risk, improve quality, and eliminate environmental impacts.

We Handle Any Size Project

  • 125 chemical cleaning systems
  • 40 locations in North America
  • 625 pumping systems for 20K 
  • 80 UHP 40K water jetting pumps 
  • 425 liquid and dry vacuum units
  • 3,000 employees and service technicians

Leadership from the Ground, Up

Leadership from the Ground, Up

“ The HydroChem model of constantly searching for new ways to improve safety through technology while exceeding customer expectations is not a one-time success story, it is the philosophy that our company was founded on. ”

– Greg Rice, President, COO

Our highly-trained, dedicated crews make all the difference on the job site.  We believe in growing leadership from within our ranks.  Our executive leadership team is built on the talents and experience of seasoned professionals.

(Pictured L-R: Greg Rice, Don Millet, Tim Bonvillian, Gary Noto)

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Services and Solutions

HydroChem has the broadest service line offering in the industry.  This allows a completely integrated service approach that eliminates the inefficiencies of coordinating with other service providers. This unified system creates real value for our customers by streamlining and simplifying processes, driving efficiency and results.

Hydroblasting Services

DuraFlexxx™ automated flex lance tube bundle cleaning 

STARS® automated multi-tube stiff lance bundle cleaning

PadBlaster™ shell-side bundle  and pad cleaning

AutoBlaster™ wireless, portable cleaning

MoarJet™ refractory removal

HydroLazer™ large diameter pipe cleaning

RotoLazer™ small diameter pipe cleaning

WaterLazer™ hydrocutting (metal and concrete)

BlazerVac™ environmentally friendly coating removal 

PowerIndexer™  precise automated flexlance indexing

StandardIndexer™ precise flexlance indexing

FlexReel™ automated flex lance hose containment

Hydrocutting Services

WaterLazer™ advanced hydrocutting technology

Chemical Cleaning Services

Degassing/Decommissioning services utilizing proprietary EZE family 

of products.

Chemical circulation utilizing organic or inorganic materials

CaviFlow® oil flushing 

SlugFlush™ high velocity pipe flushing 

SilentSteam® steam blow

TubineFoam™ for turbines 

Laboratory analysis 



Wet and Dry Vacuum Services

ZeVac® zero emission vacuum technology

Ash and firebox cleaning  

Precipitator hoppers, conveyors, penthouse, and back-pass

Hydro Excavation

Safe, nondestructive method of soil excavation that leaves no digging

spoils behind.

Catalyst Services

Inert and non inert entry


Sock and dense loading catalyst

Reactor tray removal and installation

Video inspection and DVD recording

Vacuum services and trailer vector

Cyclone units

Pre-commissioning of reactors and vessels

Catalyst sampling

Sewer System Services

Inspection with CCTV

In depth analysis and recommendations

Sewer cleaning

Main line CIPP

Protective structure coating

Bypass pumping service

Pipe bursting

Tank Services

Gastight™  remote water cannon tank cleaning 

Blazervac™ surface cleaning

WaterLazer™ tank cutting and demolition

Waste management 

Vapor and combustion management

EzeClear™ removal of VOC gasses

Tank sweep nozzles for solids motivation

Rover for vacuum and hydroblasting

Solids Separation

Filter press, belt press, and centrifuge operations 

Pits, ponds, and lagoon sludge dewatering 

Laboratory analysis and dewatering technology 

Sludge transportation and management

Turbine Services

TurbineFoam™ foam cleaning without disassembly

CaviFlow™ oil flushing

Custom Engineered Solutions

Specialize in site-specific solutions with safety & productivity at the forefront. HydroChem excels at modifying current technology to develop new ways of solving old problems.

Paint Booth Management

Booth water management

Booth cleaning

Filtration management

Engineering services

Confined Space Services

Highly trained rescue technicians

Mobile air systems

Offshore Services

Advanced hydrocutting

Coating removal and surface prep

Line, pipe, and vessel cleaning

Equipment pre-commissioning

Chemical cleaning



Hydrostatic testing

Coke/Refractory Removal & Jet Pump Replacement

Proprietary tooling for non-entry refractory removal

High volume, high pressure pumps for coker jet pump replacement in any configuration.

Specialized tooling for coke removal utilizing advanced engineered solutions. 

Industrial Waste Services

Frac tank, roll off box movement and delivery

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste transportation

Turnaround Services

Shutdown planning, coordination and execution

We excel in providing the resources, the experience, and the engineering creativity to develop unique solutions using safer technology.