Hydroblasting Automation Tech Xchange

Posted on: 06/22/2015

HydroChem introduces a series of educational seminars that will run throughout the summer of 2015. These engaging roundtables are designed to educate you on the benefits of hydroblasting automation and the capabilities of our Technology Center. 

Our seminars are a great opportunity to see first-hand where the Industrial Cleaning Industry is heading and the many benefits of our latest technology. 

2015 Tech Xchange Dates 

JULY 8th 12th 22nd

AUGUST 19th 29th 26th 

Please plan on arriving Tuesday night and departing either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Hotel reservations will be arranged by HydroChem. Airports near the Technology Center are Akron/Canton and Cleveland. Transportation can be arranged to and from each airport as needed. 

*RSVP’s are required for scheduled dates* 

Contact Brook Hull at the HydroChem Technology Center. 330-854-4526