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Technology. Safety. Results.<sup>&reg;</sup>

“ The safety of our employees is non-negotiable.  Our company's top priority is to ensure our people have the necessary resources, training, and a safe environment.  Anything less is unacceptable. ”

– Gary Noto

At HydroChem, we set the standards in the industrial cleaning industry with an avalanche of proven safety processes. From innovative new equipment to reduce employee hazards with high pressure water to new ways to control fugitive emissions from vacuum trucks. We are the leader in the newest and most exciting ways to improve the industrial cleaning world. We seek continuous improvement in our health, safety and environmental performance daily.

Our commitment to safety is reflected in the resources we allocate, from in the field safety supervisors, to dedicated trainers as well as having our leaders go through extensive safety training at our annual safety summit. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and competent industrial cleaning partner, you need look no further than HydroChem.

Behavior Based Safety Process

HydroChem recognizes that behaviors are a key component of the safety equation and that Behavior Based Safety processes have been shown to increase awareness of safety expectations, to contribute towards continuous improvement in safety performance and to lead to achieving the desired safety goals and targets.

Behavior Based Safety Process

A Closer Look at Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

Behavior based safety is a proactive approach to safety and health management. Safety is really a process, and that means it’s continuous. To reduce work-related injuries, and continue to reduce them, thinking and practicing safety must become a way of life. Safety should be involved in daily activities consistent with the vision of a Total Safety Culture. Behavior based safety recognizes unsafe or at-risk behaviors as a frequent cause of both minor and serious injuries.

Most people believe that if a training or intervention process attempts to change behavior, the approach is behavior based safety; however, there are distinguishing elements between behavior based and other approaches. The aim of the behavior based approach is to reduce the occurrence of at-risk behavior by modifying such behaviors through observation, feedback, and positive interventions.

Authorized NCCER Training Center

NCCER is an internationally recognized training resource that delivers craft training through schools, institutions, and commercial organizations throughout the world. Hydrochem is an Authorized Training and Assessment Center for the NCCER craft training program to train craft professionals and certify their knowledge and skills. We currently have four training and assessment centers to deliver high quality training to our workforce. Two more training centers are in the works for 2015 and we have adopted the NCCER Hydroblasting Technician course as our new hydroblasting employee course. NCCER brings value to our customers and our employees and we support and encourage the growth of using NCCER for craft training.

Note: The Behavior Based Safety Process does not in any way supercede any applicable Codes, Acts, Regulations or site programs and is intended to supplement existing practices. Users of this process should determine their level of implementation.

Safety Bullet-Points


  • Clear Expectations
  • Commitment and involvement for all levels of management
  • Accountability throughout the organization
  • Stop work authority
  • Investment in people
  • Continuous improvement in safety


  • Task Safety Analysis
  • Behavior based job observations
  • Four Questions for Every Task
  • Hazard Hunter
  • Supervisor inspection and review
  • Compliance audits


  • Standardized New Employee Training
  • Crew Leader I & II
  • Supervisor Training
  • Chemical Cleaning Basic, Utilities, Refineries, Chemical Lab Technician
  • New Technology
  • NCCER Certified Assessment Center
  • NCCER Certified Training Provider
  • Safety Leadership
  • Standardized CBT modules
  • DOT training for drivers, dispatchers, loaders
  • Excavation Competent Person Training


  • Automated tooling
  • Continuous development of Proprietary Safety Devices
  • Staff dedicated to technology development and delivery

Safety Awards

Year after year, HydroChem is nominated for more safety awards than any other industrial cleaning company.

What Our Employees Think

Don't take our word for it.

“The safety of our employees is non-negotiable. Our company's top priority is to ensure our people have the necessary resources, training, and a safe environment. Anything less is unacceptable.”Gary Noto
“I like working with new technology and the new challenges it brings. HydroChem has a good, friendly atmosphere with supportive and accessible management.”Matt Hupp
“We are proud of the Machinery we build. We are making a difference in people‚Äôs welfare and safety.”Gary Nettle

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