Advanced Technology Center

Concept to solution in one location.

The Benefit of a Dedicated Technology Center

HydroChem is the only industrial cleaning company with a fully invested, dedicated, Technology Center. We have engineering, specialty services, maintenance and training all under one roof. Our resources include a 25,000 square foot facility with 25 full time employees including; engineering, full machine shop, fabrication, testing and repair. Our key strategy is gathering information from the field and turning ideas into solutions.  We determine our success by the usefulness of our technology and tools. Whether it is 2am or 2pm, the quality and assurance of HydroChem remains unchanged. Listening and responding to the needs of our field personnel on the front line with safe, reliable and practical solutions is what we do and why we’re here.

Why Automation

Safety is what drives our automation innovations. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our industry-leading safety metrics. HydroChem has more American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers contractor safety awards than any other industrial cleaning contractor, four years running. We develop confident and comfortable team members that work in a safe environment.

The productivity and efficiency that automation creates is astounding. Our highly-skilled and trained operators can do each job with fewer crew members. Having our employees out of the line of fire means no slicker suit and fewer, less lengthy breaks. Automation effectively turns “heavy” work into “light” work. As a result, cleaning times are reduced dramatically.

With automation, you receive maximum efficiency with consistent cleaning, the first time, and every time. You are provided greater precision, speed and safety. There are no missed tubes, lines, or surfaces. Because of a more thorough cleaning, performance gains alone are enough to generate zero-cost cleaning.

Innovation Gallery

Check out some of our exclusive solutions built for the most demanding jobs.

Advanced Technology Center
Advanced Technology Center
Advanced Technology Center
Advanced Technology Center

Inside the Technology Center

Training Facility

This multifaceted location is the headquarters for our recurring safety meetings, training initiatives, Tech Xchanges and roundtables. At our educational weekly Tech Xchanges, employees and customers alike gather to learn and discuss applications of our latest technologies. Our employee roundtables are a great way for our crew members and engineers to discuss new ideas and improvements to existing processes. Our training facilitates communication and the forward-thinking that enables HydroChem to remain the industry front-runner in automated technology.

Concept to Solution

In 2008, HydroChem refocused and expanded our Advanced Technology Center for the research and engineering of hydroblasting automation equipment. Today, we create the most sophisticated and sought-after cleaning technologies in the industry. With more than 25,000 square feet of engineering floor space, HydroChem’s Advanced Technology Center provides concept to solution in one location. 

Tooling Program

With three locations dedicated to our automated tooling, our innovative tooling program tracks, maintains, and repairs all of our tooling. Because we design and build our tooling in-house, we can also repair and maintain it very efficiently. The organizational and operational deployment costs that are saved by having a streamlined tooling program are substantial and passed on to our customers.

Machine Shop 

You imagine it, we can build it. Our machinists and engineers are experts at fabricating and designing our Custom Engineered Solutions. With years of experience in masterful craftsmanship, our machinists expertly manufacture tooling as well as continue to seamlessly modify existing tools to your exact specifications.

Mobile Command

It's not hard to go automated, and we can help.

We bring the same level of customized care to the work site. Our technology implementation team was developed to insure proper use of our tooling and increase efficiency at each and every site. Housed in temporary or long term pods, our implementation team brings our tech shop to you. Our program ensures you receive the same level of value regardless of the hour or day of the week. Each mobile shop is customized for your project and stocked with spare tooling, parts and accessories and is manned by an implementation team specialist.

Command Pods

  • Customized care brought to the work site
  • Pods can be installed on-site or at local branch
  • Stocked with everything to execute routine work plus: spare tooling, parts and accessories
  • Insures proper use of tooling, training, PM work & job support
  • Manned by technology specialist

Technology Deployment Vehicle

  • Support smaller sites that can not justify command pod
  • Stocked with spare tooling, parts and accessories
  • Support turnarounds
  • Mobile training center

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