The safest and most efficient way to clean and inspect tubes in package boilers.

Why Go Automated?

The BoilerBlaster™ is the safest and most efficient way to clean and inspect tubes in package boilers. After years of refusing to put our employees inside the drum to hydroblast tubes, HydroChem has come up with an automated system that out performs anything available today.


To safely clean 547 steam drum tubes which normally takes 20-25 days running one shift per day with a worker inside the vessel feeding the pressurized flexlance by hand into the tubes. Handling the pressurized lance puts the worker at risk of injury in a space where emergency access would be extremely difficult.


On its very first job, the BoilerBlaster™ was used to safely clean the 547 steam drum tubes in 6 consecutive shifts, or 3 days. Removing the worker from the vessel when flex lancing, significantly increases the safety of the job. The BoilerBlaster™ improved job efficiency by providing a more consistent clean through controlled feed rates, eliminating the need for rework after tube inspection. Rework was common when manually feeding the lance and added significant time to the job. We are constantly working to improve the BoilerBlaster™ through operator feedback as it has been used to clean several boilers. Further improvement to reduce setup and increase operating efficiency are being developed and tested at our Technology Center.

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Solution Benefits

  • No confined space entry
  • Set up time reduced by over 75%
  • Specifically made for small steam and mud drums to improve safety and working conditions
  • Crew size reduced by 50%
  • Controlled feed rates on lance, every tube is cleaned with the same efficiency
  • Fast tube to tube indexing leaving no tube behind
  • Inspection camera system mounted on tool to monitor cleaning effectiveness
  • Eliminates re-work after inspection

The HydroChem Automated Advantage

It's not hard to go automated, and we can help.

Why Go Automated?

Safety is what drives our automation innovations. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our industryleading safety metrics. HydroChem has more American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers contractor safety awards than any other industrial cleaning contractor, four years running. We develop confident and comfortable team members that work in a safe environment.

The productivity and efficiency that automation creates is astounding. Our highly-skilled and trained operators can do each job with fewer crew members. Having our employees out of the line of fire means no slicker suit and fewer, less lengthy breaks. Automation effectively turns “heavy” work into “light” work. As a result, cleaning times are reduced dramatically.

With automation, you receive maximum efficiency with consistent cleaning, the first time, and every time. You are provided greater precision, speed and safety. There are no missed tubes, lines, or surfaces. Because of a more thorough cleaning, performance gains alone are enough to generate zero-cost cleaning.

Dedicated Engineers and Designers

Our engineers, specialty services, and custom tooling designers are all under one roof. Our complete in house support team develops, builds, and maintains your tooling needs.

Mobile Command

Our Mobile Command was developed to insure proper use of our tooling and increase efficiency at each and every site. Housed in temporary or long term pods, our implementation team brings our tech shop to you. Our program ensures you receive the same level of value regardless of the hour or day of the week. Each mobile shop is customized for your project and stocked with spare tooling, parts and accessories and is manned by an implementation team specialist.

Innovative Solutions

HydroChem has provided value to its customers with innovative solutions to eliminate risk, improve quality, productivity and efficiency, while eliminating environmental impacts.